Every year, the awards continue to make changes. This year, they recognize more players in the digital space among others.

The Buzz Teenz awards released the final nominations for this year’s awards.

Azawi and Fik Fameika have 6 and 5 nominations respectively. The selection exercise has been ongoing for 3 weeks on the Buzz Teenz website. The top 4 or 5 (in some) categories made it to the voting stage.
The biggest accolade, Teens artist of the year will be hotly contested between newcomer Liam Voice, Azawi, Fik Fameica, and Pallaso.
The Awards have been running for 15 years and the brand has stayed true to being the voice of the Teens. The awards are sponsored by telecom giant MTN under their youth flagship Pulse, the Buzz Teenz Awards will stream online on December 19th, 2021.
Every year, the awards continue to make changes. This year, they recognize more players in the digital space among others.
New categories include;
Teenz next big thing.
This category recognizes up-and-coming talent in any discipline. It’s for that budding talent that is starting to gather attention amongst their peers but hasn’t blown up yet. Nominated in this category are ABC Gang & Cyza Musiq (musicians), Brennan Baby (content creator), and DJ El Nicho.
Tik Tok Sound of Year
The global impact of the social media platform on music and culture couldn’t be ignored. Musicians and other content creators have invested energy and resources to keep fans engaged on this platform and their efforts will be rewarded. Liam Voice, Vinka, Daddy Andre, and Azawi battle in this category.
New Comers
Zuli Tums, Liam Voice,w And An known have all got their first Buzz Teenz awards nominations.
Voting for this year’s awards started on 22nd November 2021 and  will be run until the 17th of December

The Nominees
Teenz Artist of the Year
• Liam Voice
• Fik Fameica
• Azawi
• Pallaso
Teenz Male Artist
• Zex Bilangi Langi
• Fik Fameica
• Liam Voice
• Pallaso
Teenz Female Artist
• Pia Pounds
• Azawi
• Sheebah
• Spice Diana
Teenz Hottest Song Writer
• An Known
• Azawi
• Daddy Andre
• Mudra
Teenz Next Big Thing
• ABC Gang
• DJ El Nicho
• Cyza Musiq
• Brennan Baby
Teenz Breakout Artist
• Liam Voice
• Aroma
• Zuli Tums
• An Known
Teenz Hottest Song of the Year
• Boy Fire Selector Jef ft Sheebah
• Slow Dancing Azawi
• Lock Fik Fameica
• Thank God Vinka
Teenz Flyest Video
• Yola B2C & Aroma
• My Year Azawi
• Lock Fik Fameica
• Thank God Vinka
• Slow Dancing
Teenz Hottest Collabo
• Ready Spice Diana Ft Fik Fameica
• Yola Aroma Ft B2C
• Abeggume DJ Ali Breezy Eezzy
• Banange Ykee Benda Ft Lydia Jazmine
• Boy Fire Selector Jef ft Sheebah
Teenz Gospel Song
• Thank God Vinka
• Mbeera Levixone ft Grace Morgan
• Katonda Pastor Wilson Bugembe
• Tujja Ku Wunona Coopy Bly ft Pastor Wilson Bugembe
Teenz Hottest TikToker
• Vivian Gold
• Brennan Baby
• Mikey Seems 2 funny
• October Fairy
Teenz Hottest Radio Station
• Galaxy FM
• NXT Radio
• Capital FM
Teenz Hottest Radio Program
• Evening Rush Galaxy
• Xplosion XFM
• NXT Brunch
• Mid-Morning Galaxy FM
Teenz TV Station
• Magic 1 TV
Teenz Hottest TV Personality
• MC Ollo
• Douglas Lwanga
• Lynda Ddane
• Crysto Panda
Teenz TV Show
• NTV Dance Party
• NBS After 5
• NBS Katch Up
• NTV The Beat
Teenz Fashion Star
• Solomon Kampala
• Spice Diana
• Fik Fameica
• Lydia Jazmine
Teenz Hottest DJ
• DJ Ali Breezy
• DJ Roja and Slick Stuart
• VJ Baby Love
• D Jay Denno
• DVJ Mercy
Teenz Hottest Audio Producer
• Artin Pro
• Nessim
• Bomba
• Kuseim
Teenz TikTok Sound of the year
• Omwoyo Liam Voice
• Thank God Vinka
• Omwana Wabandi Daddy Andre
• Slow Dancing Azawi
Teenz Cultural Icon by Reach A Hand Uganda
• Nutty Neithan
• Cleopatra
• Ronnie Mcvex
• Naava Grey