Ugandans on social media are furious after the security minister, Gen. Elly Karuhanga and his counterparts spent  two and ahalf hours on TV last evening blasting the media for what they called promoting terrorism. 

Ugandans on social media are furious after the security minister, Gen. Elly Karuhanga and his counterparts spent  two and ahalf hours on TV last evening blasting the media for what they called promoting terrorism. 

In the most arrogant manner, Gen. Karuhanga blasted the media for not knowing anything about security, considering they were not part of the struggle that brought the NRM party into power, in the early 1980s.

Appearing on what had been branded a security meeting, supposedly to give Ugandans a picture of overall security standing in the country, the minister flanked by other security heads, could not explain why people are getting killed everyday, including VIPs, but rather blamed the media of blowing the insecurity issue out of proportion. 

“We would like the media to be objective and balanced, not take on their won views. Terrorism is instilling fear in the public with onformation that is not really happenning. We would like media to cooperate with us to curb this” the General said.

Other security heads that appeared on the show were; Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. David Muhoozi, Internal affairs minister Gen. Jeje Odong, Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola, minister of defence and veterans Adolf Mwesige, and commissioner general for Uganda Prisons Johnson Byabashaija.

In his communication, Gen. Karuhanga blasted journalists who after earning diplomas think they know everything, yet they know nothing about the struggle. 

He further explained that Uganda has seen worse than what is currently happening. Ugandans are concerned about the spate of murders and kidnappings of children and women that increases everyday. To the general, this is nothing.

“If criminals have a network, the CID folows it until the evidence is complete. But media asks questions and answer them themselves with wrong solutions” he said.
Adding that; “In the history of Uganda, this isn’t the worst we have had and the only method which has helped us overcome them and move forward is participation of the people at every stage, to be ppart of every effort and stage.”

Gen. Karuhanga’s thought was shared by the CDF, Gen. Muhoozi who said the media should broadcast a message of hope, not doom. The IGP, Ochola also told the press to stop the alarmism they publish and broadcast.

However, these men failed to account for why, Ugandans are still getting killed, day in day out. Asked how the state of security was, they all said everything was normal and in control.

But for a country that just witnessed an assasination of Hon. Col. Ibrahim Abiriga and his body guard the other day, normal and in control are not the words to console her citizenry. 

The IGP gave hope, that security bodies are in charge and will ensure this stays so.

“The general security of the country is not alarming as some people would want others to believe, there are people out trhere who have been raising anxiety, leaders must give hope to people. We are in charge. If we were not in charge, there would be lawlessness everywhere. I admit we have had a spate of kidnaps, but we are in charge, security is doing what it is supposed to do” OMO said.

The IGP added that police was following leads on the death of hon. Abiriga, re-asssuring the public that the culprits will be hunted, found, arrested, and prosecuted.

The CDF on his part said they plan in taking stock of all firearms that are in the hands of members of the public, record all the information and make it easier to track them in case they are used in a crime. 

On the issue of Boda Bodas, the gentlemen promised to work together with KCCA and ensure registration of the motorcycles and their riders.

It however remains unclear, how security will deal with motorcycles owned by some members of the public, who do not use them for the boda boda business.

The security minister suggested putting a chip in all boda bodas to make it easire for authorities to track them. However for a criminal, removing a tracker is not a big problem.
“Each boda boda will carry a chip which will be supplied at no budget by the government. It is coming soon because it is urgent and important” he said.