He has been able to achieve a lot in few months faster than some established artistes. 

On Thursday, kid rapper Patrick Ssenyonjo commonly known as Fresh Kid celebrated his 8th birthday. He emerged from no where and took the music industry by storm.

Born in Kasana in Luweero district, the young rapper was discovered in 2018 and is a darling to many for his  hit songs like “Taki taki ", "Bantee", and "Bambi".
The TV stations like Nbs TV  gave him a platform to showcase his talent, introducing him to Ugandans. His performances went viral, attracting a scholarship from Kampala Parents’ school.

He has been able to achieve a lot in few months faster than some established artistes. 

1. He made history in Uganda's music industry as the fastest rising  individual artist in the shortest time ever.  In just 5 months, he has gained a huge following both locally and internationally. He dethroned ghetto kids who have been extremely popular since 2016.

2. At 8 years, Fresh Kid has managed to scoop  an International award nomination for Carolina Music Video Awards based in USA. Some artists have failed to achieve this in their active music careers. He has also managed to get international recognition from big artists like Southern kid DJ, Arch Jr.

3. He has signed company endorsements and brand partnerships with Bravo Shoes, Canaan Cola, Rupalelia Foundation among others. These deals  come along with huge  sums of money. Every artist is always working towards this milestone.

4. As of June 2019, Fresh Kid is one of the most booked artists in Uganda. He is not paid less than Ugx 2,000,000. Fresh Kid on average has at least two performances every week. 

5.  Fresh Kid is undoubtedly one of the most talented Ugandan artists with incredible free styling skills. He has invented slung terms like "Bambi", "Eyotuveyo" and the most common one "Buza Manager".

The sky is the limit for Fresh Kid.